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Javier Bardon, Sr. Vice President Europe; Managing Director for Iberia, and Executive EVC Analyst
Javier joined Glomark-Governan in 2006 and currently leads the Glomark-Governan sales, marketing and consulting practice in Iberia.  Javier also leades the sales effort in Europe.

Prior to Glomark-Governan Javier worked in sales and marketing management roles for large IT companies including Digital Equipment Corporation, Microsoft and Intel.

Javier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 1982; and an Executive Program Degree in Business Management in Telecommunications from the Instituto Empresa in 2001.  

Ana Bermudez, Vice President, Market Development & Administration

Ana Bermudez, co-founder of Glomark-Governan, has brought discipline and efficiency to Glomark-Governan’s market development and administrative processes. Ana is responsible for Glomark-Governan lead generation and administrative functions; and plays a key role in negotiations and relationship with vendors, partners, and Glomark-Governan Clients.

Ana is also responsible for the coordination of training logistics, and works closely with the Glomark-Governan regional teams to ensure high quality in the delivery of Client projects.

Ana graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Motolinia Univesity, and has been with Glomark-Governan since the company was incorporated in February of 1992.

Gary Casale, Vice President of Operations, North America

Gary joined Glomark-Governan in 2008 and currently leads the Glomark-Governan operations and EVC training delivery practice in North America.

Prior to Glomark-Governan Gary held executive management, production management, strategic sourcing and procurement positions for large manufacturing and financial services companies, including Sybron Corporation, Combustion Engineering, ABB Inc, and JP Morgan Chase. 

With experience in key senior operations management roles Gary has expertise in Enteprise Value Creation for technology and service providers that want to sell the economic value and ROI of their products, solutions and services to their customers.  Also, for buyers that need to develop business cases for internal justification, Gary’s expertise above and his experience in supply chain management provides an invaluable consulting know-how for clients. 

Gary graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a MBA from the same institution.  

Ruben Melendez, President, CEO and EVC Master

As CEO and founder of Glomark-Governan, Ruben Melendez' main goal is to guide the Glomark-Governan team to ensure successful delivery and maximum results of the company’s Enteprise Value Cration solutions implemented by Glomark-Governan Clients.

Jointly with the Glomark-Governan team, since 1992 Ruben has worked with many companies, including vendors and buyers of technology and services; and has lead the effort to continuously enhance the portfolio of Glomark-Governan software, consulting, and training programs, to ensure they meet the needs of the constantly changing marketplace.

Prior to Glomark-Governan, Ruben worked for Thermo Electron, AccuRay Corporation, Combustion Engineering, and ABB, in various engineering, sales, and marketing management roles.

Ruben earned the 2004 TopCAT Award for Executive of the Year by TechColumbus. Ruben is currently on the Advisory Boards of the CBPM and the CIBER centers, at The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business.  In addition to a B.S. in engineering, as well as in accounting, Ruben studies have also included a multitude of finance, economics, and technology programs over the length of his career.  Ruben has been a speaker in national and global conferences and events, for some the largest companies and institutions in the world such as Microsoft, HP, CA, Unisys, The Ohio State University. among many other.