Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Identifying, Communicating, and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value


Previous Forum Panelists include:

Kristen Blum - CIO, JCP


Steve Cooper – CIO, FAA


Dennis Hummel – President and COO, Maritz


Bill VanCuren – CIO, NCR


Tom Kirkpatrick – VP Auditing, Timken


John Deane - CIO, Abercrombie & Fitch


Mike Keller - CIO, Nationwide Insurance


Kathy Starkoff - CIO, The Ohio State University


Patty Morrison - EVP and CIO, Cardinal Health


Joe Gottron - SVP and CIO, Cardinal Health


Mike Krouse - CIO, OhioHealth


Guru Vasudeva - CTO, Nationwide Insurance


Gil Hoffman - CIO, Maritz


Kurt Schneider – CIO, Limited Brands


Zahid Azfal – EVP & CIO, Huntington Bank

Denise Zabawski - CIO, Nationwide Children’s Hospital


Pat Piar – VP, Cleveland Clinic


Mark Gaetano, SVP, Nationwide Insurance


Herb Smaltz, former CIO, OSU Medical Center

Phyllis Teater, CIO, Wexner Medical Center

Value Forums by Glomark-Governan for CIOs, COOs and CFOs

For CIOs, COOs, business managers and technology professionals, effectively identifying, assessing, and measuring the economic value of investments is a crucial element of their overall company’s success.  Mitigating the risks associated with large investments requires an objective evaluation of projects’ benefits and costs, versus the apparent and inherent risks.  Managing the technology selection process within an innovative, fast paced industry introduces challenges for any organization.  As a result, the desire to quickly assess investments, while thoroughly evaluating the impact on the company’s bottom line, is often blurred by an unstructured portfolio and ROI management process. 

Glomark-Governan, in collaboration with leading organizations and executives as panelists, speak directly to this paradigm by discussing experiences and best practices for adopting a standardized process to consistently and objectively forecast and measure enteprise value creation.

The panelists in the Forums represent major industries; including banking, retail, manufacturing, financial services, health care, government and non-profit.

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