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Genius Suite

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Genius Pro by Glomark-Governan - A busienss case generation tool.
Genius Pro screen by Glomark-Governan with benefit formula
Genius Pro graphs - EVC business case generation tool from Glomark-Governan
Genius Pro template import capability by Glomark-Governan
Genius Pro

With Genius® Pro, the User can objectively and easily identify, assess, and quantify the economic benefits, costs, and risks of their company’s projects and initiatives.

Genius Pro is designed for Users trained as EVC Business Case and Template Builders, using Glomark-Governan’s Enterprise Value Creation (EVC™) Methodology.

Genius Pro allows the User to create as many EVC Business Cases as necessary for their company’s projects and initiatives. To create an EVC Business Case
, the User has to assess the Total Benefit of Opportunity™ (TBO™), the Total Cost of Opportunity (TCO) and the Total Risk of Opportunity™ (TRO™) for the project.  Prior to making these assessments, the User defines the client need, the scope of the project, and the strategic alignment. The TBO Matrix is then used for easy “Benefit Identification.” Within this matrix, the User can make an objective assessment to define and quantify each benefit.
Additionally, these tailored EVC Business Cases, also known as EVC Templates
, can be printed in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, while assumptions and results can be easily exported to Microsoft's Excel.

There are essentially three categories of Genius Pro Users: Business cases practitioners, Business case templates’ builders, and ROI/TCO experts.

Business Case Practitioners:   These are business or technology professionals that need to develop business cases for either internal justifications, or for generating business cases to assist customers in justifying an investment in their solution.   

Template Builders:  These are individuals that have been trained in the EVC Methodology to build EVC Templates.  The EVC Templates can be later used by a Business Case Practitioner to build project-specific business cases for internal justifications, or by sales professionals to demonstrate the ROI and value of their solutions and services to their Clients.

ROI / TCO Experts
: These are internal business case or TCO/ROI experts that need to rapidly build business cases also using the EVC Methodology.



»  Robust application designed to create objective EVC Business Cases and EVC Templates

» TBO Matrix categories can be renamed by the User to better define their TBO model

» The translation feature allows the User to create EVC Business Cases in several languages

» The use of “Tags” converts dynamic data into text, thereby reducing the need for further editing by sales representatives after entering client-specific data

 » Within the TCO Matrix, the User can add capital and non-capital expenses as part of the EVC Business Cases, including different depreciation or amortization rates for different capital expenses

» Assumptions can be designated as either “Required” or “Optional,” reliant on whether client-specific values are needed to produce a reliable Business Case, or if the default values will suffice

» The impact of the proposed solution in both the business and the technology areas of the case can be presented

» Users can customize any formula or projection to meet their unique needs, including any technology in the consideration set

» Changes to any cost, benefit formula, factor or assumption can be made by the User

» Glomark-Governan’s EVC Template approach will reduce the time your company spends creating ROI models for internal project assessment

» Users can develop and configure an EVC Business Case as simple or as complex as required

» Users can add as many benefits and costs as necessary to create their specific EVC Templates

» The translation feature allows the use of EVC Business Cases by people in other countries (as listed in the “Feature” section)

» Consultants and experts can utilize this tool to develop and present comprehensive, customized Business Cases

» Easy “what-if” and sensitivity analyses can be conducted in real time with clients during proposal and Business Case presentations