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Genius® Track’s user-friendly software works in conjunction with Glomark-Governan’s Genius Pro or Genius Analyzer tools.  Genius Track measures the economic performance of initiatives, selected for implementation by management, constructed as Business Cases using Genius Pro.

The selected assumptions (factors) become operational performance indicators (OPIs), which can be selected as cost or benefit measures.  The performance measures tracked are expressed in numerical or graphical formats, and can be easily compared to the most likely, best case, and worst case scenarios.

Genius Track automatically updates the ROI, benefit, and cost analyses generated in Genius Pro using the actual costs and benefits achieved and tracked in the EVC Score Tables.

Periodically, managers can assess the current economic results, evaluate the variance from their initial forecast, and create an updated forecast.  Genius Track enables the company to ensure success by providing accurate, up-to-date economic analyses.

· Automatically updates ROI (Return on Investment) analysis from Genius Pro, using actual data entered both during and after project implementation

· Tracks all costs and benefits forecasted in Genius Pro and designates each as a business or economic “performance measure”

· Allows Users to select which costs and benefits to track

· Tracks any of the factors or assumptions used in Genius Pro, Genius Plus, or Genius Analyzer

· Permits Users to graphically compare the actual measured values with the most likely, worst case, and best case scenarios

· Automatically records the date when the actual value was entered in each performance measure

· Allows Users to print reports in Microsoft Word

 · Measures the economic value created by projects during and after implementation

Ensures the involvement of all levels of management and technical personnel, while holding them accountable for economic results of technology investments

· Tracks performance measures in economic terms, and automatically converts them into a measurable ROI

· Tracks the economic performance of investments in personnel, processes, or technology