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Glomark-Governan in Europe and the Middle East

Glomark-Governan first delivered Economic Value Creation (EVC) training in Europe in 1993, one year after the company was founded.  During the 1990s and early 2000s, the EVC services and tools where sold and delivered by Glomark-Governan personnel from the corporate headquarters in the USA.

In 2005, Glomark-Governan expanded its local presence by selling and delivering its EVC services with consultants and analysts based in Europe; and, in 2006, the first Glomark-Governan office opened in Madrid, Spain.

Today, Glomark-Governan has EVC consultants and analysts in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.  Glomark-Governan plans to continue expanding the organization throughout the rest of Europe and the Middle East, with local sales and consultancy staffs equipped with the expert knowledge of the region and business environments to best serve the local markets.

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Our Management Team in Europe

Javier Garcia-Bardon
Managing Director Iberia, &
Sr. VP Business Development Europe and Middle East

Guiseppe Graci
Managing Director Italy

George Malama
Managing Director U.K.

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