EVC™ is Excellence in Value Creation

Solutions for Transforming and Optimizing the Customer Value Journey

Value Management in Operational Excellence

The goal of Operational Excellence organizations is to continuously improve the value creation processes in their enterprises with the end objective of achieving the best possible return for their shareholders. 

This is accomplished this by using tools, techniques and management disciplines that allow them to reduce or eliminate waste, build innovation capabilities, reduce operational expenses, and increase throughput, efficiencies and revenue year after year.

One of the top challenges for Operational Excellence organizations is determining the best way to link their various tools, techniques and methodologies in such a manner that will optimize their value streams and communicate the economic value that is created to their top executives and shareholders.

The Enterprise Value Creation (EVC™) methodology is their missing link!   With the EVC methodology, training, certification and tools from Glomark-Governan, Operational Excellence organizations can effectively assess, compare, measure and communicate the economic value that their projects and initiatives create for their enterprise.

Genius Pro from Glomark-Governan, for example, can enable your six-sigma experts to assess the Total Benefit of Opportunity (TBO™) for all of your Operational Excellence initiatives; and easily and objectively link the financial methodology that you are currently using (i.e., EVA, TSR, IRR, ROIC) to specific operational improvements and technology initiatives.

Our ValueChange™ training program —one of the many courses available in our EVC Training & Certification portfolio teaches specific examples of how to quantify improvements in the value chain and business processes that result in various economic benefits; such as improvements in gross margin, revenue, and inventory turnover.

Contact Glomark-Governan to learn more about how an EVC solution can considerably enhance the excellence created and economic value delivered to shareholders by your organization.