Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Identifying, Communicating, and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value


Primary Programs: 
» EVC Foundation
» EVC Practitioner
» EVC Advanced
» EVC Master


Practice-Based Programs:
» ValueMeasurement
» EVC Portfolio
» EVC Leader


Function-Based Programs:
» ValuingIT

» Process-Based Value Selling

» ValueMarketing

» Services ROI

» ValueSourcing

» ProdValue

» OutSelling

» ValueChange

» InnovateValue

» Value Creation-Based Pricing


Other Non-EVC Programs:

» Activity-Based Costing (ABC)




Business and technology professionals and executives understand that outsourcing has a different type of value than in-sourcing.  An asset, for example, that is implemented, serviced and maintained by internal resources has a different cost and benefit structure than an asset that is outsourced (managed and maintained by a third-party service provider).


The OutSelling program teaches how and why justifying Outsourcing initiatives from an economic point-of-view are different than justifying internal projects.  The class teaches specific examples of economic benefits derived from Outsourcing business processes, functions and assets; and teaches how to assess and compare the cash flow of an in-sourcing versus Outsourcing initiative


Who should attend?  Business, technology and sales professionals that need to learn how to assess and communicate the value that Outsourcing creates internally or externally for customers, such as sourcing professionals, procurement managers, and Outsourcing sales professionals.