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The concept of using stages and gates in the product development process is nothing new—many organizations, such as NASA and GE have been using it since the 1950s.  Many companies and institutions also adapt the number of stages or phases to their company needs; and make the “preparation and presentation of the business case” one of the stages. 

Glomark-Governan has found that the best approach for preparing a new business case during a new product development cycle is not when the business case is a stage by itself; but when the business case is part of the complete process.  In other words, elements of the business case must be identified and assessed as early as the first stage or phase; followed by an approach to configure, assess and present the case in more detail in the latter phases or stages of the overall product development cycle.  

At the end of the product development process—when a product has been tested, validated and is ready to be launched— people at that stage must know how to best measure the value and benefits that will be realized with the new product.  The business case must clearly indicate how the value, to be created with the new product, will be measured during and after the launch. 

was developed for individuals that need to create effective business cases using the EVC methodology, to enhance their stages and gates and product development processes.  Participants develop skills for assessing and quantifying benefits in various categories such as services and products new-to-the-world, new-to-the-market, new-to-company, product-enhancement, and brand enhancement.

Who should attend?
For all Product Development Managers, Product Managers, R&D professionals, and individuals that need to create EVC Cases during the stages and gates of product development.