Outsource Your Business Cases to Glomark-Governan

Use Glomark-Governan experts to prepare all your key business cases

Some companies prefer to implement EVC programs internally to provide their staffs with the tools and training necessary to develop objective business cases; however, other organizations prefer to outsource their business case practice to Glomark-Governan.

Glomark-Governan consultants and analysts have the necessary Genius tools, and are experts in assessing the Economic Value Creation (EVC) and economic risk of investments in technology and service initiatives.

Glomark-Governan consulting teams are located in North America, Europe, and South America to assist corporations and government agencies in quickly developing objective business cases, and in measuring the benefits and ROI of their technology investments.

Large IT organizations, as well as global IT vendors, outsource all or most of their most important business cases to Glomark-Governan on a regular or on-going basis.

Allow us to demonstrate the ROI and Economic Value Creation of outsourcing your business cases preparation to Glomark-Governan consultants and analysts.  To schedule a demonstration, please contact the Regional Director near you