Business Case and ROI Measurement Tools & Training

For IT, sales, marketing, services and product development organizations

Companies require different levels of business case assessments— from high-level business cases for evaluating the first stages of their processes, to comprehensive assessments with complex risk analyses.

As a result of these varying needs, Glomark-Governan has developed a suite of Genius software tools and EVC training programs to provide users with different levels of assessments and reports.

As shown in the figure below, the EVC Training & Certification program provide training, tools, and validation on Enterprise Value Creation skills and competence for any job function within an enterprise.

The EVC Training & Certification program from Glomark-Governan offers:

 ·         Four Primary Levels that provide competency around creating business cases based on the EVC Methodology (a.k.a. EVC Cases) for internal or external customers.

·         Eight optional Function-Specific and second-to-none programs that provide EVC skills on benefits’ assessment and quantification for a specific business function or process (i.e., sales process for Value Selling; product development process for Product Value).  

 ·         And three additional and optional EVC practice-based programs for those who seek additional competency with regard to specific proficiencies.