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DevOps Business Partner®

DevOps, which aims at establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen effectively, successfully emphasizes the need for proactive communication and collaboration between the software development and the IT operational teams.


Whereas DevOps addresses practices to enable effective collaboration between Dev and Ops, an area that still remains as an important need and pain point, is the lack of a structured approach for collaboration between the IT development and operation teams with the business areas; and how all stakeholders can agree on expectations and performance metrics to ensure that the outcomes and benefits of applications and initiatives are realized, and sustained.


DevOps Business Partner, developed by Glomark-Governan –the leader in Enterprise Value Creation— is designed to provide an effective how-to approach to enhance the way Dev, Ops and the Business communicate and collaborate, to produce the best business outcome from IT and digital initiatives.


Why Adopt and Attend DevOps Business Partner


  • A large number of IT projects fail to deliver the expected business results.
  • Enterprises spend considerable funds in organizational change management, when many of the issues and reasons for resistance can be avoided in the first place, even before projects are approved.
  • There is a lack of clear expectations between the IT development and operation teams, and the business areas.
  • Many IT investments decisions are now made by the business areas; requiring an increased collaboration and communication between the IT areas and the business areas.
  • Faster implementation cycles, as well as the corporate cultures of Innovation, are resulting in an increased number of risky initiatives, with an even higher probability of failure than in the past; and unless the benefactors (IT teams) and the beneficiaries (business areas) start clearly communicating and effectively collaborating, more projects will fail to deliver the business results in the future.
  • IT development and operations teams know what they need to do, but often do not understand what their internal and external customers are exactly expecting, in terms of business “outcomes”.


The DevOps Business Partner training will provide your Development, Operation and Business Teams with a framework to:

  • Create a dynamic culture of proactive collaboration and effective communication between the IT teams and business teams, before projects are approved, to ensure that the forecasted benefits and expected ROI of every initiative is realized.
  • Reduce organizational resistance to change.
  • Effectively identify business and customer needs.
  • Determine the right expectations and metrics for all stakeholders such as Dev, Ops, the Business areas, and other constituencies.
  • Understand the relationship and difference between SLAs and KPIs.
  • Identify the business outcomes of the IT applications and initiatives.



DevOps Business Partner Training and Certification


16 hours – On-site or virtual with live certified trainer.


The DevOps Business Partner course, from Glomark-Governan, is designed for individuals and teams that desire to improve the way they collaborate and communicate with the business areas, to ensure that applications and IT projects deliver the final and expected business benefits and outcomes. 


Participants learn how to identify the metrics for the Causes (SLAs), the Effects (KPIs), and the Causation (the relationship between the Project technical characteristics, and the business Outcomes) from applications developed and/or IT initiatives.


What will I achieve?

  • Understand DevOps Business Partner principles.
  • Learn the necessary skills to communicate with the business areas the expectations and final outcomes of software applications and IT initiatives.
  • Understand the benefits of DevOps Business Partner for the enterprise.
  • Learn how to define SLAs for IT Development, and Operations, and KPIs for the business areas.
  • Improve the collaboration and communication with the business areas.
  • Be able to identify and define operational and strategic benefits from applications and IT initiatives.
  • Learn to identify dependencies and the uncertainty of outcomes, to manage and mitigate risk.
  • Obtain the DevOps Business Partner certification.


Who is this course for?

  • Individuals involved in software development, IT operations and/or IT service management.
  • Individuals who require a structured approach to collaborate with the business areas.
  • IT and business professionals that are involved in innovation, bimodal, ITSM, and agile practices.
  • Business relationship managers.
  • Leaders and managers in all IT areas.
  • Anyone involved in DevOps.
  • Anyone that has taken a DevOps Foundation, or any other DevOps class (but not a requirement).


What are the exam characteristics?

  • Time allocated: 60 minutes.
  • Number of questions: 40 multiple-choice.
  • Passing score: 65% (26 correct answers).
  • Format: Online or Paper; Closed-book.

 Contact us at information@governan.com to obtain a copy of the Syllabus, and certification details.