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Identifying, Communicating, and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value

Project Value Management Professional (PVMP™)

Training and Certification Overview


Learn How to Identify, Measure, Quantify, and Orchestrate the Realization of Benefits, Capabilities and Outcomes!


The PVMP Certification is based on the EVC Framework v3 —the world’s best methodology for Enterprise Value Creation which is used to build compelling business cases by more than 14,000 business and technology professionals and leaders around the world. 

PVMP Certification is provided by Glomark-Governan.

Key Takeaways


Individuals who complete the PVMP Certification learn how to:


  • Identify, assess, and measure the benefits of projects, initiatives, and solutions;
  • Effectively structure the means of quantifying economic benefits;
  • Assess and manage the uncertainty of each forecasted benefit;
  • Turn a business case into an actionable Business Value Plan;
  • Determine the criteria for comparing and raking projects in a portfolio based on the value created by each project;
  • Assist stakeholders in tracking the correct SLAs and KPIs, to increase benefit realization;
  • Manage and coordinate the tracking of benefits—capabilities and outcomes—throughout the phases of a project or program life cycle;
  • Communicate the benefits realized at the project-closure phase to executives.
  • Certificate provided by Glomark-Governan, the internationally recognized and global leader in value management.


Why Should Enterprises Implement PVMP Training and Certification?


Across countless industries, a large percentage of projects, programs, solutions, and initiatives fail to deliver the expected business results.


While hundreds of thousands of business cases are created globally each year, not all of the projects approved realize the forecasted benefits and outcomes.


Business cases typically end once projects and solutions have been approved—organizations lack effective methods to track, enable, and sustain the value created post implementation.


To achieve the anticipated benefits and value of any initiative, all project stakeholders—including the benefactors and beneficiaries—must participate in and contribute to the value creation process. But lack of communication, collaboration or sufficient metrics often causes projects to fall short of realizing their full potential—or worse, they can result in complete failure of a project. 



PVMP Training and Certification Objectives

The Project Value Management Professional (PVMP) program provides an effective methodology and the “how-to” skills needed to assess, measure, and manage value creation for any initiative. By bringing together all of the relevant value creation activities across all project stakeholders, coordinating, communicating and tracking benefits will become more streamlined and easier to manage.


PVMP empowers project managers, program managers, PMO directors, ePMO leaders, enterprise architects, solution architects, and IT and business area professionals to focus on the business outcomes of projects.

The PVMP course builds on the Glomark-Governan Enterprise Value Creation (EVC) Framework. Currently in its third version, the EVC framework has been continuously enhanced for more than 20 years. Today, EVC is used by 15,000+ professionals in enterprises around the world, including CommScope, OhioHealth, The Ohio State University, the University of Akron, and many of the leading technology and service providers. 


PVMP complements other popular certification programs, such as the PMP, ITIL, DevOps, and the PRINCE2 certifications. PVMP provides the specific EVC methodology and “how-to” skills to identify, assess, economically quantify, measure, and communicate both tangible and intangible benefits from any project or solution.


PMPs that attend the PVMP training and pass the PVMP certification exam, are also eligible to receive PDU credits through our strategic partner Global Lynx.


PVMP2 is also available for individuals that are interested in learning how to effectively quantify all types of economic benefits from projects, initiatives and solutions. 


Why Should Project Managers Be Trained and Become Certified PVMPs?


Existing project management certifications effectively establish practices and competence to manage project activities and resources. However, these certifications leave an important need unaddressed: the need for a structured approach to stakeholder collaboration around tracking benefits and performance metrics. The PVMP Certification fills this need, ensuring that stakeholders are proactive and aligned around realizing and sustaining the outcomes and benefits of projects and initiatives.


PVMP, developed by Glomark-Governan, the leader in Enterprise Value Creation, is designed to provide an effective how-to approach. Professionals and managers will learn how to better plan, coordinate, quantify, and communicate value creation and benefits-related activities with all project stakeholders, to produce improved business outcomes of initiatives throughout the enterprise.


With PVMP, the project value management effort will be more effective and will increase benefit realization and ROI of projects and initiatives.


Who Is This Course For?


  • Project Managers and Program Leaders.
  • PMO and ePMO Executives and Leaders.
  • IT, Engineering and Product Development Managers.
  • Business Relationship Managers, and Business Analysts.
  • Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects.
  • CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and COOs.
  • Members and leaders of DevOps, Operations, Application Development teams.
  • Individuals involved in new projects, software development, operations and/or services management.
  • Individuals who require a structured approach to project value creation and outcome reporting.
  • Technology and business professionals involved in Innovation, ITSM, and Agile practices.
  • Individuals that create, or participate in the development of, Business Cases.
  • Anyone directly or indirectly involved in assessing and communicating value creation, and in the realization of benefits from a project, solution or initiative.


What Are the PVMP Exam Characteristics?


  • Test length: EVC Foundation Certificate exam has 50 multiple-choice questions. The PVMP Certification also requires the exercises completed correctly throughout the class to demonstrate the learned skills. 
  • Passing score: 65%
  • Format: Online or paper


Glomark-Governan certification exams and training courses are also offered by strategic partners and accredited training and consulting organizations, such as Global Lynx.


For additional information contact Jaime Nelson at jaime.nelson@glomark-governan.com



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