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ValueMarketing ®

Why attend ValueMarketing, and become a Certified Digital Marketing Value Strategist (DMVS®)?


It is well known by now that new and emerging technologies, such as mobile devices, social media, the Cloud, Big Data, Internet-of-Things, Analytics, and many others, are rapidly changing how businesses and consumers make purchasing decisions—Marketing Executives and Professionals are realizing the need to redefine their marketing strategies in order to leverage the value created with new digital marketing technologies.  Enterprises that do not adapt—or more accurately, transform— their portfolio of digital marketing initiatives will get behind their competition; and most likely lose customers and revenue.


However, an improved or new marketing strategy will:

a)  Require selecting and prioritizing new digital marketing technologies;

b)  Forecast the potential revenue improvements; and

c)  Understand how to measure the economic impact from the new strategy and each of the selected new digital marketing initiatives.

—These are complex and challenging tasks for marketing professionals and executives.  


Additionally, the enterprise buying process is also changing considerably as a result of the new the technologies available to buyers—such as social media, and mobile applications.  Since buyers have more, faster, and better information, they have now more control of the buying process than ever before.  When buyers contact vendors, they are more prepared with competitive information, making it more difficult for vendors to demonstrate their value—another reason why executives need to redefine their marketing strategy and portfolio of marketing initiatives.


Furthermore, an effective digital marketing strategy requires marketing leaders to define a portfolio of digital marketing initiatives that will provide the right value message and content to their customers; and will also effectively integrate the new marketing initiatives with their sales channels and their selling process; in order to make the most of—and achieve the highest return from— their digital marketing initiatives.




ValueMarketing, a program that is taught on a one-on-one basis (virtually or on-site), provides the necessary knowledge and skills to become a Certified Digital Marketing Value Strategist (DMVS).


The ValueMarketing program key objectives include learning:

-  How to justify digital marketing initiatives.

-  A model to prioritize digital marketing initiatives.

-  Why and how to enhance the sales process using digital marketing.

-  The most common ways to quantify and forecast the economic benefits of the digital marketing initiatives.

-  How to define the right value content for their solutions and services.


The ValueMarketing program includes four sessions, each lasting three hours.  Three sessions are for skills and competence development, and a fourth session for the DMVS exam. 


Session 1:  Learn how identify and assess the economic benefits, strategic effects, and uncertainty, of digital marketing initiatives; as well as to how to define the impact of digital marketing strategies and initiatives on each stage of the buying, marketing and sales processes.

Session 2:  A model for quantifying economic benefits to justify the new digital marketing technologies; as well as techniques for forecasting improvements.

Session 3:  A model for comparing, selecting, prioritizing, and managing a marketing portfolio for strategic enterprise value creation.

Session 4:  DMVS Certification session.


Note: Sessions are conducted at a mutually-agreed upon schedule between the participant and the Glomark-Governan instructor.

Who should attend? ValueMarketing is ideal for all marketing professionals and executives; including CMOS, Marketing Directors, Product Managers, Channel Managers, Brand Managers and Advertising Managers.