Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Identifying, Communicating, and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value


Primary Programs: 
» EVC Foundation
» EVC Practitioner
» EVC Advanced
» EVC Master


Practice-Based Programs:
» ValueMeasurement
» EVC Portfolio
» EVC Leader



The individuals that attend the ValueMeasurement program learn the key elements of the EVC Methodology to effectively measure economic, operational and strategic value during a project or initiative implementation and post-implementation.  

A key requirement for measuring value is knowing how to define costs and benefit formulas in a measurable way. After attending the ValueMeasurement program the participant will have a clear understanding of which assumptions and data of a business case to track, and how to prepare an economic results report using the elements of the EVC Methodology.

Who should attend? 

For any business or technology professional or manager that requires skills and competence to effectively measure the actual value (operational, economic, financial and strategic) of any project or initiative, during and after implementation of a project or program.