Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Identifying, Communicating, and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value

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Primary Programs: 
» EVC Foundation
» EVC Practitioner
» EVC Advanced
» EVC Master


Practice-Based Programs:
» ValueMeasurement
» EVC Portfolio
» EVC Leader


Function-Based Programs:
» ValuingIT

» Process-Based Value Selling

» ValueMarketing

» Services ROI

» ValueSourcing

» ProdValue

» OutSelling

» ValueChange

» InnovateValue

» Value Creation-Based Pricing


Other Non-EVC Programs:

» Activity-Based Costing (ABC)



Teaches the different ways of how Information Technology (IT) creates value in an enterprise using elements of the EVC methodology, such as the value creation causes and effects.  It also teaches ways of assessing and quantifying the most common benefits realized inside an IT organization; such as benefits realized from IT security, IT infrastructure, and IT operations.  

The program provides a variety of examples for quantifying IT benefits –with specific formula examples and required data.


Who should attend?  Ideal for anyone that works in IT; including but not limited to IT Project Managers, IT Managers, Help Desk Managers, IT Security Managers, IT Infrastructure Managers, IT Services Managers, and IT Operations Managers. EVC Template builders in an IT vendor organization can also benefit from attending this class.